Good Design
makes Good World

Beautiful, functional, connected.
We create a better world through branding.


  • Online Media & Consulting

    As explorers traveling between urban and natural settings, we act as a compass for people looking to better understand and coexist in these spheres. We provide functional yet sophisticated products and services through media, e-commerce, design, and consulting.

  • E-Commerce Site

    Providing a bridge between retailers and customers. Melding our understanding of user needs and our art direction skills, we can provide a low-cost, high-quality Shopify store in as little as seven days.

  • Business Consulting & Coaching

    Improving organizations. Awakening people’s full potential and allowing for independent growth by creating “opportunities for dialogue” and coaching skills.


Team Introduction

Bringing together different skills and talents. Building on diversity to create new value.


Employment Information

We invite those who wish to explore, learn, create, and inspire to join our innovative team.