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Urgent Recruitment

Production Manager

    Project management
    Negotiation with clients
    Independent management of small projects
    Creative quality control
    Vendor management


    3+ years of experience in digital / on-set management
    Schedule creation and coordination
    Estimate preparation
    Research / documentation support

Web Marketer

    Web marketing strategy planning
    Content marketing / planning
    Social media utilization planning
    Effectiveness analysis using analytics tools such as GA


    3+ years of experience in digital advertising planning
    Experience in leading proposal creation for new projects/competitions
    Experience in predicting advertising effectiveness using regression analysis, etc.

Web Director

    Customer negotiation, production management, internal and external resource coordination, operation management
    Project management in digital domain such as website production and APP production
    Document creation (proposal materials, quotations, requirement definitions, schedules, wireframes, etc.)


    5+ years of work experience
    Person who has management experience to lead website project by themself and build the site independently from scratch
    Experience as information architect
    Experience in wireframe production
    Experience of site map construction
    Experience in managing the production of large-scale websites and EC sites
    Those who can effectively negotiate directly with clients and engineers


    The following tasks in brand development, new business development, campaigns, websites, etc.
    Market and trend research, competitor research
    Development of concepts/activation plans
    Content planning


    3+ years of work experience in one of the following fields:
     - Planning
     - Planning and editing for magazines and web media
     - Creative consulting
     - Creative planning
    English communication skills
    Extensive knowledge of fashion, technology, photography, music, film, art, etc.
    Experience in marketing planning at an advertising company, etc.


SNS Content Planner

    Content marketing strategy planning
    Content planning and operation
    Social media utilization planning
    Effectiveness analysis using tools such as GA


    3+ years of work experience in SNS planning
    Leadership experience in creating proposals for new projects and competitions
    Experience in planning and operating web video and SNS advertisements
    Experience in effect prediction, measurement, and reporting experience
    Basic knowledge of analysis tools such as Google Analytics, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Adobe SiteCatalyst, AD EBiS, and tools used for web construction
    Basic knowledge of programming languages

Web Designer

    EC, service, brand website design
    Support for website design and design proposals for large-scale projects in collaboration with multiple companies
    Debugging work on the website
    Banner creation
    Module design
    Heuristic survey


    Work experience as a web designer is required
    More than 2 years of experience using Photoshop and Illustrator
    Over 1 year of experience using XD and Sketch
    Those who have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
    Those who have experience of joint development with a web engineer
    Those who have experience in collaboration with clients and partner companies and project progress management
    Those who like to actually move their hands and design
    Those who have enthusiasm and ambition to improve their skills
    Those who can use Japanese at the business level
    Students and new graduates are not allowed

Graphic Designer

    Planning and design of graphic area based on concept
    Project planning, production management, and design proposal support
    Support for production and shooting of advertisements, catalogs, tools, etc.
    * Depending on the project, web design may be included in scope.


    3+ years of work experience
    General knowledge and skills regarding graphic design and printing technology
    Skills in Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign
    Those who have an interest in and knowledge of fashionable typography and photography
    Practical experience in shooting direction and editing of stills or video
    Experience in illustration and sound production direction
    Basic English communication ability, English mail correspondence ability
    * Not limited to the above, if you have skills that can be applied in the creative field, please mention it at the time of entry.

Technical Director

    Project management of medium- to large-scale EC site projects
    Meeting with clients, production progress, internal and external coordination, operation process management
    Construction in collaboration with external partners
    Creation of materials such as specifications, design documents, proposal materials, and quotations


    Practical experience of EC site production
    Negotiation directly with clients
    Smooth communication skills
    Positive and is flexible and adapts to changes
    Implementation of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.
    CMS construction experience such as WordPress, MT, Tumblr
    Experience developing apps for iOS, Android, etc.
    Experience in designing and building servers, DBs, web applications, etc.
    Those who have a wide range of knowledge about social network APIs
    Basic English communication ability, English mail correspondence ability
    Leadership experience or team management experience


    Management of creative business such as branding, shooting, location scouting, catalog production, digital content planning, website production, APP production, etc. Project management
    Preparation of proposal and quotation materials
    Meeting with clients, production progress, internal and external coordination, operation process management


    5+ years of work experience
    Experience with website information architecture, direction, and production management
    Negotiation directly with clients
    Experience in managing production involving still image and video shooting
    Smooth communication skills
    Those who are positive and can respond flexibly and quickly to changes
    Basic English communication ability, English mail correspondence ability
    Leadership experience or team management experience
    Experience in creative industries such as video, publishing, fashion, design, and PR


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Screening Process

  • Step 01

    Screening will begin after the application form is submitted

    *Please note that we will only contact you if you pass the document screening.

  • Step 02

    First round interview (including directors)

    *After the interview, there is a possibility of an assignment (only for the creative div. applicants).

  • Step 03

    Second round of interviews (including executive officers)

    *An assessment may be conducted (not related to the selection process).

  • Step 04

    Discussion of conditions

    *Depending on the position and responsibilities, a third round of interviews may be conducted prior to the discussion.

Welfare Benefits


  • Unemployment insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Nursing insurance
  • Workers’ accident insurance
  • Welfare pension insurance
  • Other social insurances are available.


  • Standard weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Paid leave
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 31, January 1, 2 and 3)
  • Special leave
    • Summer vacation
    • Wedding leave
    • Condolence leave
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Transportation allowance (up to 20,000 yen per month)
  • Travel allowance
  • Subsidies for health checks and medical examinations
  • Congratulatory/condolence money system (wedding, illness/injury, condolence money, etc.)
  • Severance package