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Our diverse team is composed of unique individuals.


      Osamu Jimba

      Born in Aomori prefecture, Osamu Jimba graduated from music school and worked as a commercial buyer for Tower Records in Shibuya, among other positions. During this time, he learned about art and culture through CDs. He taught himself design and transitioned to a design agency that specializes in fashion and beauty. He was promoted to art director after five years and managed his own team, after which he joined SIMONE as an art director. His strength lies in his ability to cut across multiple fields, such as web, graphic, 3D, and shooting, as well as his understanding of culture and trends. This is also reflected in his fluid ability to express himself. He aims to explore the possibilities of creativity fused with new mediums, based on the future of digital marketing.


      Hidetoshi Okamoto

      Hidetoshi Okamoto was born in Ehime prefecture. He taught himself to develop websites as a young child and later studied media at university. He began working in web, video and music production as an undergraduate student. After graduating, he worked as a designer and then as an art director, designing for luxury industries. In 2013, he moved to Hong Kong and was involved in establishing a new creative agency, and after experiencing diverse value creation, he returned to Japan in 2017. With a motto of crafting "macro-social and micro-customer perspectives," he currently leads design projects while specializing in the creation of brand identity and UI/UX design.


      Michelle Tan

      An art director with a diverse background, Michelle Tan has 12 years of experience working in Korea and Singapore, before her move to Japan in 2018. She specializes in digital design, UX/UI and art direction. Drawing on her experiences abroad, she approaches her work with “open mind, open eyes, and open heart.” Having lived half of her life in four different countries, her experiences are a source of creative inspiration. In the future, she hopes to create work that provides “positive awareness.”


      Rei Wagatsuma

      Rei Wagatsuma majored in graphic design as a student. After working in planning and writing at a production and editing company, she worked as a director at a major publishing company, and produced and managed a wide range of projects at a production company before joining SIMONE. Through her ranged career, she has cultivated an eye for detail that she applies in her multidisciplinary business strategies and comprehensive business development.


      Haruka Hirano

      Haruka Hirano majored in modern and contemporary architecture and urbanism at Tohoku University. She studied practical design theory to understand the connection between people and society from the perspective of architecture and media. She joined SIMONE after working in urban development, having handled the development of commercial facilities, tourist trains, offices, restaurants among other projects. She is in charge of brand experience design, mainly integrating brand and space design. She has also been involved in strategic planning – identifying problems from the perspectives of consumer lifestyle changes and design trends, and works to expand her contributions in women’s wellness and producing new businesses in the digital ecosystem.


      Kamei Shintaro

      Born in Tokyo, Shintaro Kamei graduated from the Faculty of Media Studies at the Tokyo University of Technology. After working as an assistant producer/designer, he became a video director, mainly in charge of fashion campaign videos, and has been active in creating music videos and commercials. He has experience in handling all types of work, from planning to shooting, editing and motion graphics. He specializes in photography that captures the strength of his models, and also creates pop expressions with animated illustrations.


      Naoto Nakamura

      Naoto Nakamura was born in Kanagawa prefecture. He is a graduate of the Economics Department at Nihon University and the VANTAN Design Institute. He joined SIMONE after working at a design office based in Tokyo. Building on coding experience from his previous positions, he manages the entire web development process, from design, requirement definition, vendor selection, wireframing, site map creation to progress management. He mainly works on UI/UX design for brands, facilities, shopping malls, custom order sites, etc. and hopes to connect companies with their customers though UI/UX. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer.


      Koki Ota

      Born in Tokyo, Koki Ota graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Sophia University, after which he joined a company specializing in the production of commercials. At SIMONE, he helps clients resolve problems as a producer in various campaigns and product development projects, by drawing from his experience in filming. Utilizing his diverse production experience, he hopes to contribute to his clients' businesses by designing strategies that are not confined to either the digital or real world.


      Koki Nishikawa

      Originally from Fukuoka, Koki Nishikawa has worked with a wide range of clients, including fashion brands, interior designers, food and beverage companies, local industries, and major department stores. At SIMONE. he is in charge of the overall graphic design process, including brand identity design, editorial production, packaging, photography and print direction – all the while drawing on his extensive experience. He believes in the value of images in creating a brand's world view. In the future, he would like to expand his field of work to include space design, communication and hospitality, in order to provide a holistic design experience.


      Takayuki Haga

      Takayuki Haga joined SIMONE after working as a freelance videographer. Leveraging the skills he developed during his freelance years, he is currently in charge of shooting, editing, and direction. With live-action filming as his main technique, he has built up an impressive track record of producing campaign videos and commercials, mainly in the field of beauty and fashion, using delicate imagery that appeals to a female audience. He pursues his art with Socrates' words "knowledge of ignorance" as his philosophy, and aims to become a creator who can humbly seek the truth, keep learning, and provide universal experiences.


      Mao Ozawa

      Born in Chiba, Mao Ozawa majored in textile design at Musashino Art University. She joined SIMONE after experiencing sales, clothing design and promotional tool design at a clothing manufacturer, and editing a real estate magazine. She is involved in media design, content planning, editorial direction, and project management. She aims to broaden her view and design business strategies – connecting brands with their customers – and helping resolve issues faced by her clients and society.


      Momoka Hasegawa

      Momoka Hasegawa was born in Okayama. She majored in design at high school and graduated from Tokyo Women's Art University. She has worked as a designer at a jewelry brand's in-house design office, and has experience in creating shop tools, photography direction, and merchandise design. After joining SIMONE, she has mainly been responsible for projects involving visual shooting and graphics. In the future, she would like to create work that appeals to a wide audience, while focusing on human interaction.


      Chitose Kawashima

      Chitose Kawashima graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College with a degree in Editorial Studies in Graphic Design. While interning at an overseas company, she realized the potential for commercial creativity and the "digital shift," and joined a web production company. She learned about UI/UX design and gained experience in website development. After joining SIMONE, she has participated in many long-term projects, such as large-scale e-commerce sites and custom order sites. She manages UI/UX design, photography, and operational/progress management. She aims to contribute to society through digital technology and creativity, broadening the connection between users and companies.


      Sakiko Shimooku

      Born in Kanagawa, Sakiko Shimooku was inspired by her mother, who runs a jewelry store. Seeking a creative career, she studied web design on her own. Since joining SIMONE, she has been involved in a wide range of projects, ranging from website development to photography. Using her strengths in fashion and music and leveraging her sense of style, she creates work that is modern and sophisticated. Her goal is to become a designer who can deeply resonate with her target audience by increasing her understanding of the market and user insights.


      Riri Makino

      Riri Makino graduated from the School of Commerce at Meiji University and joined a local bank. She was in charge of over-the-counter sales and personal sales of financial products, through which she learned the basics of banking and customer service. Building on this knowledge and experience, she handles accounting at SIMONE. She feels that a creative perspective is necessary to perform tasks that integrate general affairs, human resources, and accounting, which broaden her own horizons and abilities. At the same time, she understands the importance of fostering creativity and originality. In the future, she would like to focus on strengthening SIMONE's foundations, by resolving issues in the work environment as well as managing physical and mental health.


      Keita Endo

      A Tokyo native, Keita Endo majored in marketing at Aoyama Gakuin University. He interned at a fashion media company while in school, and joined SIMONE after graduation. With the aim to create "good design that serves society," he manages creative work in a wide range of fields, such as photo shoots for fashion brands, managing advertisements, assisting with website management, designing BI, producing catalog and sales promotion tools, and creating digital signage. He aims to expand into the web and digital fields, and develop his role in a wider range of projects.


      Shiori Kano

      Shiori Kano is from Kanagawa prefecture. She studied everything from fashion production to event planning and direction at Bunka Gakuen University's International Fashion Department. During that time she spent three years as a writer for curation media, and as an intern, she assisted in the planning and production of stage and fashion shows. After that, she joined the company as a new graduate. Since joining SIMONE, she has been involved in digital, graphic, and video (advertising) projects, mainly for fashion and beauty products, as well as copywriting, content planning, and casting. She aims to deepen her understanding of the market and current trends, and become a producer who specializes in planning.


      Naoki Mizobe

      Born in Osaka prefecture, Naoki Mizobe graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, where he majored in typography. He began his career while still at school, working in graphic and publication design, with a focus on commercial galleries, international photo exhibitions, and stage productions. He later joined an independent advertising production company, where he helped plan and produce advertising and promotional tools. He has experience in brand tool creation – especially graphic and editorial design – as well as in developing brand guidelines and printing directions that considers current trends and sustainability. His aim is to create designs that align with contemporary society and emotional values.


      Yuka Yoshiura

      Yuka Yoshiura was born in Shiga prefecture. She graduated from Kyoto Seika University with a degree in visual design. After working at various startups, she became a designer at a website development company. At SIMONE, she plans and creates digital content, aiming to produce well-crafted products that take information design and methods of interaction into account. She also hopes to improve digital communication in the future.


      Sakurako Tomono

      Born in Kanagawa, Sakurako Tomono graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at Shirayuri Women's University. After working part-time at an advertising agency and a clothing e-commerce site management company, she became interested in branding and joined SIMONE after graduation. She is responsible for overseeing retail websites, managing various other projects, and assisting with photo shoots. She hopes to acquire presentation skills and knowledge of web development, in order to realize her dream of becoming a producer who values communication with her customers.


      Chen Yili

      Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chen Yili graduated from an art high school, after which she went to the United States for two years. There, she rediscovered the "beauty of the Orient" and later majored in graphic design at Musashino Art University. Interested in the Japanese word shosa (action/movement), she aims to create imagery that touches people's hearts. At SIMONE, she works as a shooting assistant, but also creates graphics/illustrations and website designs. She strives to acquire new skills to realize ideas that connect trends and ideals in society, and provide art direction to create beautiful and meaningful design.


      Yijen Lin

      Yijen Lin was born in Taiwan, where her family runs a diner. After graduating from a local university, she started her career as an assistant to an interior designer. She came to Japan in 2009, with an interest in wabi-sabi – the Japanese concept of beauty – and simple aesthetics that appeal to the five senses, rather than capturing people's attention with powerful visuals. After finished her master's degree from Musashino Art University, she helped launch a company that publishes and sells art and photo books, where she was in charge of the direction of the e-commerce site and book design. In the future, she hopes to create UI/UX designs that move people. Her favorite food is pork ribs with rice.


      Ryo Mogi

      A graduate of the School of Commerce at Waseda University, Ryo Mogi worked in sales, customer service, and store management at a clothing retailer. Her experience in store performance management and human resource development brought her to SIMONE. She is currently in charge of legal affairs and recruitment at the company. In order to create a better work environment, she believes that it is important to maintain the perspective of GOOD DESIGN, and with this vision, she strives to stay flexible in her day to day work. Her goal is to hone her skills and become someone who can fully support SIMONE.


      Sawako Yata

      Sawako Yata was born in Hiroshima prefecture. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design with a major in product design. She worked as a designer for five years at a production company that specialized in developing editorial content, graphics, and visuals for fashion catalogs and offline media. She joined SIMONE to study visual production, starting with branding. She aims to prioritize and always be aware of the needs of her target audience, and has managed photo shoots, graphic development, and web design for fashion and lifestyle projects at the company. She looks to expand further into the digital realm and deepen her understanding of communication design to lead her clients and target audience in the future.


      Ayano Kamiyama

      Ayano Kamiyama graduated from the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic and Communication Design, Department of Film and Photography. After returning to Japan, she joined SIMONE as a new graduate. She strives to work flexibly with social phenomena – utilizing the diverse cultural experiences from her time overseas as well as her communication and observation skills. Her favorite word is sokkon (the present). She wants to be a creator who values "the here and now," turning every moment into a learning experience, and creating new value for the future.


      Yuuri Fujii

      Yuuri Fujii was born in Chiba Prefecture. Interested in fashion editorials, she attended the Kuwasawa Design School, where her focus turned to web design. She joined SIMONE after graduating. Her goal is to create designs that are gentle yet powerful, as well as maintaining good communication.


      Naohide Inagaki

      Naohide Inagaki was born in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from the Department of Oceanic Architecture, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. Prior to joining SIMONE, he worked at a design studio, an architectural firm, and an interior design company. He specializes in interior design from a comprehensive approach, including retail stores and offices, urban spaces such as public facilities and other architecture, as well as products such as lighting and chairs. He aims to create brand value – thereby expanding ‘total branding’ – approaching design from the users' experience in the space itself.


      Masahiro Daimon

      Originally from Tokyo, Masahiro Daimon always tries to bring humor into his ideas and lifestyle. He started his career as a production manager for global projects, handled commercial work with beverage and entertainment companies. He decided to move to Toronto in 2018 to study digital creative direction at Centennial college. During this time, he experienced an ad competition with a diverse group and his direction brought the team to become a finalist. After spent time as a freelance art director in Toronto, he moved back to Tokyo and joined SIMONE. He tries to achieve being a creative director with a wide range of knowledge that is beyond production to creative.


      Yuka Takigawa

      Born in Tokyo, Japan. Yuka Takigawa engages in playful, contemporary planning services for women. After working as a blogger for a fashion magazine, she joined the marketing team of a British fashion brand. She was influenced by local methods, which were built around the idea of "tugging at the heartstrings.” After launching several successful cafes and events, she moved to France where she was impressed by the feminist culture. At SIMONE, Yuka wants to utilize her international background, challenge the limits of emotive expression in order to better convey women's emotions, and establish a social sisterhood.


      Hayato Wada

      Born in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design. he joined an advertising production company after working as a designer/AD. In his previous position, he was in charge of overall graphic design and direction, including VI, editorial, packaging, OOH advertising, and event-related work. His strength lies in his ability to work online and offline, including UI/UX and app development. He loves culture and is active as a break dancer and illustrator. He would like to devote himself to creating better things for the world with designs with all his skills. He loves American comics.


      Issei Warabi

      Born in Shimane Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo Denki University with a degree in engineering. While in school, he worked as a buyer at an apparel reuse store for about 3 years. After graduating from university, he joined a manufacturer-affiliated IT company, where he worked on systems for the public sector and promoted clients' IT strategies. There, he worked as a PMO, building information systems and providing solutions. After that, he joined SIMONE because he wanted to be involved in the business from the branding strategy, which is more upstream. Currently, he assists mainly with web projects. In the future, he aims to become a producer who can work with clients by making proposals with an awareness of market trends.


      Keita Fujinuma

      Born in Hokkaido. He graduated from Kuwasawa Design School, majoring in visual design. While in school, he studied graphic design and creating music videos promotional videos, and other visual images at out of school. He was interested in SIMONE working total branding in a wide range of creative fields, and he joined after graduation. Currently, he works as an assistant, focusing on UI/UX design. Aiming to work across a variety of creative fields and to be able to flexibly respond to any project. In the future, he would like to become a designer who plays a part in "Good Design" that enriches people and society. His hobby is skateboarding.


      Taiga Tohda

      Born in Tokyo, the eldest of four brothers. Interested in commercials and music videos, he made a video in junior high school and showed it in front of all students. He majored in graphic design from high school through college, and worked as a sales associate at a fashion boutique. At SIMONE, he pursues the process of creating good design and how good design functions in society, and works hard on communication with clients. In the future, he would like to make use of the design and communication skills he developed during his studies and sincerely listen to clients.


      Shiho Takahashi

      Born in Manila Philippines and raised in Ehime Prefecture. She started her career at a speciality store for wedding dresses. She has experience in corporate and individual sales as a wedding dress stylist and press work. After that, she moved to a social media marketing agency, where she worked as a corporate sales and consultant for national clients in a wide range of industries. Just before joining SIMONE, she also worked as a freelance stylist and social media director. With her diverse experience, she would like to grow up with valuing the connection and essential communication with clients as well as internal members. Her favorite things are seeing morning sunrise, Norah Jones, and denim.


      Takuya Sakurada

      Born in Chiba Prefecture. After working as a hairstylist and cafe staff, he joined the web industry as a front-end engineer. He was involved in not only FE but also planning, BE development, improvement, etc. at a major company. After that, he worked in digital marketing/event planning and design/regional development, etc. at a FinTech company, and also content marketing/article writing at a SaaS company. At SIMONE, he would like to make the most of work with his experience and knowledge to re-emphasize the digital part of the business and create new client needs.


      Wataru Sakaki

      Originally from downtown Tokyo, He has extensive work experience in the web promotion domain, with a particular focus on the advertising field. He joined SIMONE with the mission of creating an environment where clients (brands) can provide the "best brand experience" to their customers and thereby support the growth and evolution of their business. By combining marketing knowledge with a branding perspective, he aims to be a partner to clients that embodies "Good Design makes Good World.


      Lina Da Silva

      Born in Osaka and grew up in Kanagawa. She studied luxury branding and marketing at ISC Paris business school in France. After that, she started her career at a PR agency as an intern and joined an advertising agency specializing in fashion, cosmetics, watches, and jewelry. She has experience as an account manager, marketer, and strategic planner. She specializes in market research and customer insight analysis. She solves brand issues by considering multiple perspectives of brand strategy and design strategy. Her hobbies are Japanese calligraphy and contemporary dance. Her favorite color is green.


      Marie Miyazaki

      Born in Chiba Prefecture. She joined the airline industry as a new graduate because she was attracted by the meticulous service in the airline industry and the ability to provide the best service to customers in a limited time. In addition to customer service work, she was involved in the areas of recruitment, public relations, and education, and experienced the joy of getting to know the company. Later, she decided to join SIMONE in order to further increase her knowledge of human resources and to create an environment where all staff members can shine. In the future, she would like to study general affairs, labor relations, and human resources, and devote herself to being a behind-the-scenes force to be reckoned with. Her hobby is loving houseplants.